More about Huidkliniek Twente

May we welcome you on our unique location?


More than 10 years of experience

Huidkliniek Twente has been located in Almelo for 10 years now and can be found at Wierdensestraat 51 since September 2021.


High Quality

At Huidkliniek Twente we find the quality of the treatments and the provision of the right information about these treatments of great importance. Our skintherapists are members of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Huidtherapeuten and are all registered in the Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici.


Best equipment

Huidkliniek Twente has the best and latest equipment. Due to the high effectiveness of this equipment, the number of treatments is kept to a minimum. We work with brands such as Lumenis, Lutronic, sQinno and PlexR.

Care in a professional & responsible manner

Loes Lammertink

Owner / Skin therapist

Anouk Sok

Skin therapist

Carmen Blokhuis

Skin therapist

Marieke Lammertink

Office Manager

Daniëlle van den Brink

Skin therapist

Esmee van Weezep

Skin therapist

Anouk Steggink

Skin therapist

Ons team

The Skin Therapist and Cosmetic doctor provides care in a professionally responsible manner and bases professional action on the available scientific knowledge.

Demy Middelbos

Skin therapist

Samira van Stiphout

Cosmetic Doctor

Will we see you in our clinic?

Just walk in, there is no ‘threshold’. You will be personally spoken to at the counter. This is open 5 days a week; from 9:00-17:30. You can also easily schedule an appointment for a personalized treatment plan through this link.