Anouk Steggink

Skin therapist & beautician

In 2017 I completed the Allround Beautician level 4 course at the ROC van Twente. Looking for more depth, I started the Skin Therapy course. In December 2021 I graduated from Hogeschool Utrecht as a Skin Therapist. Within the training and internships I have gained experience in both medical and cosmetic areas and in addition to my studies I have been working in a laser clinic. During my last skin therapy internship at Huidkliniek Twente I learned a lot and found the depth I was looking for, especially in the cosmetic side of skin therapy. Since February 2022 I can therefore be part of this amazing team of skin therapists. The varied range of treatments at Huidkliniek Twente really appeals to me. It is my passion to help people with their skin problems and to let them leave the door with a smile after having achieved an optimal result.

Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici: 39106539188
AGB code: 90112671
member NVH: 521119