Fillers are hyaluronic acids that restore the volume of the face and can reduce wrinkles. Our Cosmetic Doctor only works with the A-brand hyaluronic acid Juvéderm. The safety of hyaluronic acid has now been amply proven. At Huidkliniek Twente we always provide a personal treatment plan and guarantee a natural result. You are in good hands.

How do fillers work exactly?

By placing fillers in strategic places on the face, the doctor can ensure that someone regains their old facial contours and freshness. This requires a great deal of expertise and experience and it is very important to check whether the doctor is qualified. Our Cosmetic Doctor is affiliated with the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) and is a qualified Cosmetic Doctor, so you are assured of a high-quality and safe treatment.

When injecting hyaluronic acid fillers in the face, the filler will be slowly broken down after a few months by an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body. The effect will therefore remain visible for 12 to 24 months. A hyaluronic acid filler is the only filler that is also soluble by the doctor. When someone is not happy with the result of the filler treatment, the doctor can partially or fully dissolve the filler with “Hyason”. As a result the filler will disappear within a few hours. The face will then get back to its original forms.

Filler treatment from €250,-

Personal treatment plan and a guarantee of natural results.

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Our doctor is affiliated with the NVCG

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Prices Fillers

Liquid Facelift
Light 4.0ml€1200,-
Medium 8.0ml€2400,-
Intens 12.0ml€3600,-
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Botulinum toxin or fillers?

Botulinum toxin and fillers are two different types of injectables that are both used for completely different goals. Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant that can soften facial expression lines. Fillers are volumizers that can give volume back to the face. You should think of reducing wrinkles, or restoring large contours such as with a liquid facelift. It is also possible to make small corrections with fillers, such as filling the tear ducts, a small nose correction or a lip augmentation.

Depending on your wishes and expectations we will discuss in detail with you during a free consultation whether a treatment with botulinum toxin or fillers is the most appropriate treatment. Sometimes a combination treatment is advised, where we use both botulinum toxin and fillers.

What is a Liquid Facelift?

During the aging process you can slowly see that the skin becomes less tight. The volume of the bones decrease, the fat mass will decrease and the skin is getting looser. Visually, the balloon deflates, while the jacket, on the other hand, gets bigger and bigger. Because of gravity, the excess skin can lower down which can cause visible sagging skin in the face.

A liquid facelift can give your face a fresh and rested look. We look at the face with a full face approach. In contrary to the traditional method, where the focus is only on the problem area, we focus on the cause of the problem area. By improving the causes of the problem area, we ensure a natural result. If we did not do this, there is a risk that the face will become unbalanced or even look unnatural. Something to be avoided at all costs.

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Natural jawline fillers

During the aging process you can slowly start to see that the jawline gets less tight. By placing fillers in strategic places, the doctor can ensure that the jawline regains its old, natural volume and tightness. It is however important to also look at what is causing this sagging of the skin.

Puppet lines fillers

Many people are starting to get annoyed by the droopy corners of the mouth and the marionette lines. This is usually caused by the loss of volume in the rest of the face. When we want to improve the area around the mouth, is it best to first lift the skin that has sunk down again. We do this with a liquid facelift. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a big treatment needs to take place, sometimes a little support of the cheekbones is enough.

Cheekbone fillers

Our cheekbones play a very important role in the contours and foundation of the face. When the volume of the cheekbones start to decrease, we will see the face looks flatter and often a bit more tired. By restoring the cheekbones with fillers, we give the face a fresh and youthful appearance again. As a result, we also lift the skin around the mouth and jaws slightly, and fatigue traits become less. Our Cosmetic Doctor has a lot of experience in treating the cheekbones.

Natuurlijk resultaat

“Gewoon geweldig. Ik heb fillers in mijn gezicht en wat een verschil en zo natuurlijk. Ze zijn daar super aardig en leggen alles goed uit. Ik heb het volste vertrouwen in mijn volgende behandeling om pigmentvlekken te verwijderen.”


Nasolabial fold fillers

The nasolabial fold is the line that runs from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. With some people these lines are a bit more prominent than with others. When we get older, skin hangs down a bit, strengthening the nasolabial fold. By first correcting the volume of the face, we create an upward lift of the skin which makes the nasolabial fold softer.

Natural result

We are so convinced with our method to grow old nicely, that we guarantee a natural result. The treatment plan that is drawn up with you during an extensive consultation is based on our years of experience and knowledge. You can therefore trust that we strive for a result that is as natural as possible and that you yourself have control over your face and the final result at all times.

For 10 years an understanding in Almelo and surroundings

Huidkliniek Twente has been located in Almelo for 10 years now. You can find us in the most beautiful, monumental mansion on the corner of the Wierdensestraat.

At Huidkliniek Twente, we find the quality of the treatments and providing you with honest and correct information about these treatments of great importance.

In addition to a full face approach, it is also possible with us to make small subtle corrections to the face such as a rhinoplasty, earlobe correction or a lip augmentation. Feel free to schedule a consultation so that we can also consider this in detail to discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

Nose fillers

Does your side profile of your nose bother you because there is a small bulge or bump? It is possible to perform a rhinoplasty with the help of fillers! The Cosmetic Doctor can make this less noticeable by placing fillers. This makes complex nasal surgery unnecessary in some cases. Treating a nose is very specialized work and can certainly not be performed by everyone. Our Cosmetic Doctor specializes in safely performing a rhinoplasty with fillers.

Lip Fillers

Treating lips with a hyaluronic acid filler is possible for both younger and older lips. Lip fillers not only have the purpose of enlarging the lips, but they can also be used very well to restore the volume of the lip and improve dry lips. Hyaluronic acids attract moisture, which slightly improves the hydration of the lip. When placing fillers in the lip, our Cosmetic Doctor works with a cannula, a very safe and virtually painless treatment that cannot damage the lips.

Another way to make the lip a little fuller is by means of a 'lip flip' with botulinum toxin. We inject a small amount of botulinum toxin above the lip edge, which relaxes the muscle around the lips and thus makes the lip slightly fuller. 

Before and after results of fillers

Druk op de pijltjes om de volgende foto te zien.

Tear duct fillers

A tired appearance is a common complaint, while people do not always feel tired. The cause is often in the loss of volume around the eyes, which can cause puffiness and dark circles. This can occur at a young age as well as an older age. At a younger age, it is often sufficient to fill the tear trough locally under the eye with a hyaluronic acid filler. We use the thinnest filler for this in combination with a cannula, so that there can be virtually no bumps or irregularities. The risk of moisture is also limited because we carefully examine in advance whether someone is suitable for a tear trough filler.

At an older age we often also see a decrease in volume at the temples, the eye socket rims and the cheekbones. In this case we recommend to also give these areas some more support to achieve the best possible and fresh result. Often people find it a scary thought to be treated near the eye, but thankfully the treatment is almost painless and very safe.


Profhilo is a pure hyaluronic acid, without chemical additions, that isn't a filler. It doesn't give volume to the skin, but is makes sure the skin gets firmer, more hydrated and more even. It improves the production of collagen and elastin, making sure the skin slowly restores and regain her resilience. The effect of Profhilo is not immediately visible, but is only optimal after a few treatments. We do give hyaluronic acid back to the skin, but the skin has to deal with it on its own to improve itself. We therefore recommend to repeat the treatment after the first time after 4 weeks. From then you can just repeat the treatment every 6 months for the best result.

Frequently asked questions about filler treatments

During the first intake we will determine whether the treatment is suitable for you and what you may expect as a result.

We ask that you do not wear any camouflage cremes or lipstick on the area to be treated the day of the treatment. Depending on the area to be treated, the treatment usually takes 20 - 60 minutes. The filler is introduced with an ultra-thin cannula. There is an anesthetic substance in the hyaluronic acid. As a result, it is hardly painful. Our doctor specializes in treating people with fear of needles; she is very calm and takes all the time for you, if you are nervous before the treatment. She performs the treatment at a leisurely pace, so that the hyaluronic acid is very carefully introduced into the skin. The calmer this goes, the less you feel this. You can safely take a painkiller an hour before the treatment, but this will usually not be necessary.

You can resume your work immediately after the treatment. There may be some red or blue spots visible on the treated areas or the skin is slightly swollen locally. This is usually gone within an hour. Around the mouth there is a higher risk of bruising. If necessary, we can camouflage them with medical camouflage. Sauna visits are not recommended for the first two weeks after the treatment. We also recommend using good sun protection and postponing sun holidays for two weeks. Make sure the treated area is being touched as less as possible within the first hours. During the first days you should avoid heavy pressure on the treated areas. Sports are allowed again four hours after the treatment.

The effect of fillers is usually immediately after the treatment visible and will keep getting more and more visible because the hyaluronic acid binds moisture. Usually the result will last 12 to 16 months. After this it will be worn off. The following treatment the result will last a bit longer. Of course we can not give any guarantees. During the first intake we will tell you what you may expect as a result.

You can repeat the treatment as often as you desire. We do warn you for unnatural results.

During the intake we will tell you when you can best plan a follow-up treatment. It is a tailor-made action plan.

In general a treatment with fillers is not reimbursed by your health insurer from the supplementary insurance. You will always receive a quote in advance during the intake.

You will find our prices at this page. These are the prices for one treatment. Every client is different and every face is unique. The prices that are on our website could therefor be different then what's recommended by the doctor. The costs depend on your wishes and expectations. In an extensive consultation we draw up a personal treatment plan in which we will discuss these wishes and expectations in detail. Step by step we will give you insight into what it takes to give your face that fresh and rested look again, and together we will see what the best treatment is for you.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!