Leg vessels

The Mydon vascular laser is currently the beste vascular laser on the market to reduce disturbing blue vessels in the face or on the legs. We often see these blue varicose veins on the calves and we can treat these without the use of stockings. After the treatment you do not have to wear stockings, which is the case when the vessels are injected (sclerosering). We can also treat blue vessels on and around the ankles well with this laser. Sometimes we see blue vessels around the mouth, eyes of a small blood blister on the lip. Often these vessels will be gone after one treatment.

Which indications can be treated?

  • Blue veins on the legs (besenreiser varices)
  • Blue veins in the face
  • Blood vessel tumor (senile angiomas and venous lake)

How does a vascular laser treatment work?

The Long pulse Nd:YAG Mydon vascular laser produces light with very high energy. As a result, red or blue blood vessels are selectively heated, so that the blood vessels can be cleared by the body. With our Mydon vascular laser these disturbing blood vessels are easily treated. The laser is selective and will not damage other structures in the skin.

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During the first intake we will determine whether your skin is suited for this treatment and what result is to be expected. There are a few conditions we will discuss with you:

- Your skin cannot be tanned from the sun, sunbeds or a tanning lotion. A laser treatment on tanned skin can cause light or dark spots. After the treatment, it is therefore importent to protect the skin against sunlight for 6 weeks with a sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of 20. Preferably several times a day. This helps to prevent discoloration of the skin. This is of course less necessary when there is little sunlight during the day.
- Some medicines make the skin more sensitive to light, which can cause blisters or scarring. Antibiotica, among others, can cause photosensitivity. It is therefore important to report your medication use.

We ask that you do not apply any cremes on the area to be treated the day of the treatment. These creams block laser rays, making the treatment less effective. You get glasses to protect the eyes against the laser light. We use a gel to easily glide over the skin and choose the right setting, tailored to your skin type and blood vessels. The treatment may be sensitive, it feels like a warm rubber band hitting the skin like "stings". Usually this is well tolerated. You can safely take a painkiller an hour before the treatment, but this will usually not be necessary.

We cool the skin to remove heat from the skin. There will be some redness and swelling of the treated area. In the days following the treatment, small scabs or flakes may appear that will come off on their own. You should not scratch these scabs because of scarring and infection. By applying Vaseline several times a day, these scabs will disappear quickly. The skin is fragile after the treatment and must therefore be treated with care. Leave the skin alone as much as possible. Careful washing is allowed, but make sure that the skin is patted dry. Up to a week after the treatment, activities that stimulate blood flow (sports, sauna, hot baths, etc.) are strongly discouraged.

The goal of the treatment is to get rid of red and blue discolorations of the skin. About 12 weeks after the first treatment results will be visible and another treatment may follow. We don't always reach the desired result. New blood vessels can always arise, which would also arise if we wouldn't laser. During the first intake we will inform you about the result you can expect.

The amount of necessary treatments depends, amoung others, on the size of the condition. The amount of blood vessels that need to be lasered is also important. For leg vessels approximately 2 to 3 treatments are necessary. Some abnormalities need more treatments.

The treatment frequency depends on the healing of the skin. Usually there is 12 weeks between the treatments so that we can properly assess the result of the previous treatment.

In general only conditions in the face are reimbursed by your health insurer from the supplementary insurance. You can obtain information about this from your own health insurer. Huidkliniek Twente is affiliated with the "Nederlandse Vereniging van Huidtherapeuten" and all of our skin therapists are registered in the "Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici". You will always receive a quote in advance during the intake.

You will find our prices at this page. These are the prices for one treatment.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!


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