With mirconeedling we use the Skinpen which uses tiny needles to injure the skin in a controlled manner, or the laser, which pulses into the deeper layers of the skin. This puls will be fractionated into many tiny pulses. With this we treat the skin evenly with different “passes”. Sometimes with an accent on certain parts. It improves (acne)scars, the texture of the skin and it rejuvenates the skin through the production of collagen. It repairs the damage in the connective tissue making scars less deep and less noticeable. The treatment with the Skinpen or Fractional laser feels like warm rubber bands snapping agains the skin and is well tolerated. Afterwards it gives redness that lasts about 1 to 5 days, depending on the indication. It replaces the traditional CO2 laser with the same results but with much less recovery time.

The fractional laser replaces the traditional CO2 laser with the same results but with much less recovery time

Which indications can be treated?

  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Skin sagging
  • Coarse skin texture
  • Large pores
  • Spots caused by acne
  • Scars
  • Burning scars
  • Hypopigmentation (light spots)
  • Scars caused by self-mutilation
  • Surgical scars
  • Red stretch marks

Do you have acne scars or large pores? Then it is very suitable to add TCA Cross (25%-40%) or PlexR as an option to your treatment. The TCA peeling ensures collagen induction in the center of the (Icepick) scar. The PlexR makes the edges of scars less sharp.

How does a treatment work?

The skinpen uses tiny needles that virbrate over te skin to injure the skin in a controlled manner. The fractional laser produces light with energy. This pulse of very short duration is absorbed into the skin by the specific wavelength of the laser light. In this case, it is the laser beams that ‘injure’ the skin in a controlled manner to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It stimulates cell renewal in depth, without damaging the epidermis. The microscopically fine channels are hardly visible to the naked eye, but give the skin just enough stimulation. This stimulation stimulates the skin in a natural way, to renew and improve the skin. It makes the skin firmer in depth and smoother on the surface.

Er werd mij goed uitgelegd wat er ging gebeuren


Vandaag behandeld met de skinpen. Er werd mij goed uitgelegd wat er ging gebeuren. Ik kan niets anders zeggen dan dat ik prima geholpen ben. Tot snel.👍


Beste Huidkliniek uit Nederland


Beste huidkliniek uit nederland, en ben er bij veel geweest. Bedankt voor de geduld en de mooie resultaten Huidkliniek Twente.


Het resultaat is weer verbluffend goed!


Ik heb twee weken geleden een fractionele laserbehandeling gehad. Het resultaat is weer verbluffend goed! Mijn huid is veel strakker en de fijne lijntjes zijn verdwenen. Ik ben heel blij met deze behandeling.


Ik ben echt super tevreden!

“Zoals altijd weer top geïnformeerd over wat me te wachten staat, heb al een aantal behandelingen hier gehad en ben echt super tevreden met resultaat en de behandelaar! 😊”


Heel prettig!!

“Vriendelijk en geduldig. Leggen goed en duidelijk uit welke stappen ze ondernemen bij een behandeling. Heel prettig!!”


Helemaal TOP!

“Geen woorden voor helemaal TOP! Personeel, behandeling en ervaring! Alles erop en eraan niks op aan of op te merken”


Duidelijk zichtbaar resultaat

“Altijd fijne behandelingen en fijne service. Ook super fijn dat de behandeling zo duidelijk zichtbaar zijn”


During the first intake we will determine whether your skin is suitable for this treatment and what you can expect as a result. There will be certain conditions which we will discuss with you:
– Before the laser treatment your skin can not be tanned from the sun, sunbeds or a tanning lotion. A laser treatment on tanned skin can cause light or dark spots. After the treatment, it is therefore importent to protect the skin against sunlight for 6 weeks with a sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of 30. Preferably several times a day. This helps to prevent discoloration of the skin. This is of course less necessary when there is little sunlight during the day.
– Some medicines make the skin more sensitive to light, which can cause blisters or scarring. Antibiotica, among others, can cause photosensitivity. It is therefore important to report your medication use.

We ask that you do not apply any camouflage creams to the skin area to be treated on the day of the treatment. These creams block laser beams, making the treatment less effective. You will be given glasses to protect your eyes from the laser light. We choose the right settings, tailored to your skin type and pigmented spots.
With the skinpen treatment it is also important that the skin is properly cleaned. An intermediate substance is applied before starting the treatment. This light gel ensures that the SkinPen can move over the skin without friction or abrasion.
Both treatments can be sensitive, it feels like a warm rubber band hitting the skin like "stings". This is usually well tolerated. The pinpoint bleeding that may occur will recover within 5 minutes.

The skin will feel warm after the treatment. There will arise some redness and swelling of the treated area.
Point bleeding may occur that will recover immediately afterwards. Coolpacks can be used to limit swelling. The redness can last for 1 to 5 days. Small crusts or flakes may develop in the days after the treatment that will come off on their own. You should definitely not scratch these crusts or flakes because it can cause scarring and infection. By applying Alhydran several times a day, they will disappear quickly. After the treatment the skin will be vulnerable and therefore needs to be treated carefully. Leave the skin alone as much as possible. You can carefully wash the skin but make sure to gently pat the face dry. Until one week after the treatment, activities that stimulate the skin circulation (sports, sauna, hot tubs, etc.) are not recommended.
After the laser treatment you can camouflage the skin with our medical camouflage. This may be applied immediately after and also protects against the sun.
After the skinpen treatment you will receive 2 products to take home. You should only use this for the first 2 days. After 24 hours, a camouflage product and a sunscreen may be applied.

The aim of the treatment is to improve the skin texture. The best thing is to do the treatment in a cure in 3 to 6 treatments.

The number of required treatments depends, among other things, on the skin type and the purpose. Usually the desired result is achieved in 3 to 6 treatments.

Usually 4 to 6 weeks are used between the treatments.

Sometimes a fractional laser treatment of the face can be reimbursed by your health insurer from the supplementary insurance. You can obtain information about this from your own health insurer. Huidkliniek Twente is affiliated with the "Nederlandse Vereniging van Huidtherapeuten" and all of our skin therapists are registered in the "Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici". You will always receive a quote in advance during the intake. Click here for more information about reimbursements.

You will find our prices at this page. These are the prices for one treatment.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!


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