A Plasma Treatment causes skin tightening. It causes a decrease in skin on areas that are treated. This ensures, for example, the lifting of the eyelids, which is comparable to an eyelid correction. It is also used to reduce the wrinkles and tighten the skin of the cheeks or around the mouth; the so-called “bar code”. The local evaporation of the skin tightens the tissue and ensures collagen production. This means that cutting and suturing in the tissue is not necessary. PlexR is a protected name of the plasma device and technique. This device is the most advanced and they are the ones who developed this technique. Comparable, counterfeit equipment are those of the DAS medical system, plasma light, plasma lift or Plasmage.

Which indications ca be treated?

  • Upper- and lower eyelids
  • Wrinkles and skin sagging
  • “Barcode” upper lip
  • Red stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Burns
  • Chin
  • Acne scars
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Rhinophyma (cauliflower nose)
  • Dermal nevi (thickened birthmark, skin-colored – on referral)
  • Skin imperfections

How does a Plasma treatment work?

The PlexR produces a charged arc of gas molecules. This gas ionizes, has a very high energy and enters a kind of electrically charged state. As a result, a kind of electrically charged stream of light is formed, which is comparable to a small lightning bolt. This ionized gas is called plasma. Plasma is the fourth phase a matter can be in, next to liquid form, solid form and gas. This plasma ensures controlled evaporation of the tissue on the skin. It makes very small, warm holes in the skin, which tightens the skin there. It is ideally suited to treat certain areas where there is excess skin; for example, wrinkles on the upper lip or the skin around the eyes.

Natuurlijk resultaat

“Gewoon geweldig. Ik heb fillers in mijn gezicht en wat een verschil en zo natuurlijk. Ze zijn daar super aardig en leggen alles goed uit. Ik heb het volste vertrouwen in mijn volgende behandeling om pigmentvlekken te verwijderen.”


During the first intake we will determine whether your skin is suitable for the PlexR treatment and what the expected result will be. There are a few conditions we will discuss with you:
- Your skin can not be tanned from the sun, sunbeds or a tanning lotion. A laser treatment on tanned skin can cause light or dark spots. After the treatment, it is therefore importent to protect the skin against sunlight for 6 weeks with a sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of 30. Preferably several times a day. This helps to prevent discoloration of the skin. This is of course less necessary when there is little sunlight during the day.
- If you often suffer from fever blisters, report this to us. Perhaps a remedy is needed in advance to prevent this.
- We anesthetize the skin beforehand with an anesthetic cream so that the treatment is well tolerated. As a result you don't need an anesthetic.
- For some (dark) skin types, we recommend that you request Hydroquinone cream 5% FNA from your GP in advance to prevent dark pigment spots. You should lubricate this in the evening two weeks before the treatment, with the exception of 2 days before the treatment.

We ask that you do not wear any camouflage creams on the skin area to be treated on the day of the treatment. 30 minutes beforehand we will numb the skin locally with a cream. The treatment feels like warm pricks. We treat the relevant skin area in a kind of dot method.

After the treatment the skin will be cooled to remove the heat from the skin. The skin may be red and locally swollen the same day. The swelling can last up to 4 days. Scabs will form on the treated skin in the form of dots. These scabs will fall off on their own. After the treatment we apply some camouflage make-up and you get a small tube of this to take home. This camouflage contains a sun protection factor of 30. You should use this every day the first week. Leave the camouflage cream on during the first week and keep adding some. It is recommended that you do not wash the skin at all during the first week. Keep the scabs as dry as possible and do not use any other creams during this first week. Often the skin may be somewhat pink of color the first 2 to 3 months, this will go away on its own. Because of this we recommend using the camouflage during the day for at least 2 to 3 months after the treatment. 1 week after the treatment you may use another cream. We recommend Alhydran; a cream that ensures good skin recovery. It is important to protect the skin against sunlight for 6 weeks with a sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of 30. Preferably several times a day. If you use hydroquinone cream, we advise you to stop using it for 7 days after the treatment before using it for another 2 months.

During the first intake we will inform you about the result you can expect. Of course we cannot give any guarantees.

Usually 1 to 3 treatments is enough to get the desired result.

We treat once every 4 weeks. It is important to let the skin heal in the meantime to get better results.

In general a PlexR treatment is not reimbursed by your health insurer. When the indication is acne scars, other scars or spots, it is sometimes possible that treatment in the face is reimbursed by your health insurer from the supplementary insurance. You can obtain information about this from your own health insurer. Huidkliniek Twente is affiliated with the "Nederlandse Vereniging van Huidtherapeuten" and all of our skin therapists are registered in the "Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici". You will always receive a quote in advance during the intake.

You will find our prices at this page. These are the prices for one treatment.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

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