Vascular Laser

Do you suffer from couperose, red skin, disturbing blood vessels on the cheeks or a spider naevus? Did red vessels arise in a scar after a surgery? With our M22 laser and Mydon Nd:YAG vascular laser we can easily get rid of these blood vessels. It is possible to laser blood vessels on almost the entire body. The M22 laser is the best and most effective laser on the market for treating diffuse redness and red blood vessels. It is safe to laser these blood vessels, other vessels take over their function.

Often, after 1-2 treatments, most blood vessels will be gone and the skin will be much less red!

Which indications can be treated?

  • Couperose (red blood vessels, mostly on the cheeks)
  • Teleangiëctastieën (singular vessels)
  • Spider naevus
  • Diffuse redness (red glow)
  • Rosacea
  • Cherry warts (cherry angiomen)
  • Senile angiomas and venous lake
  • Red acne scars
  • Wine stain (naevus flammeus)
  • Stork bite (naevus van Unna)
  • Vasculare melasma
  • Red chicken neck (poikiloderma van civatte)
  • Red veins on the legs
  • Red and rough cheeks (ulerythema ophryogenes)
  • Blue vein under or next to the eye
  • Blue veins on the face
  • Blue veins on the legs (besenreiser varices)

How does vascular laser treatment work?

The laser produces light with a very high energy. Red blood cells are therefore selectively heated up so they can later be cleared by the body. With our M22 Laser and Mydon vascular laser these disturbing blood vessels, diffuse redness, spider naevi, couperose, wine stain or red skin are easily treated. Even if blood vessels have been formed in a scar, it is very treatable. The laser is selective and does not damage other structures in the skin.

Ik wist precies wat er ging gebeuren

“De huidtherapeute was zeer vriendelijk en deskundig en legde de procedure goed uit, zodat ik precies wist wat er ging gebeuren. En tijdens de behandeling zelf hield ze me op de hoogte van wat ze aan het doen was.”


Niks opgedrongen

“Het was een fijne ontvangst en goed geholpen en duidelijke uitleg.
Wordt goed geadviseerd maar niks opgedrongen.
Over 2 weken 1e behandeling ben heel erg benieuwd…….”


Beslist een aanrader voor couperose

“Behandeling door Anouk ging weer helemaal top, goed uitgelegd wat er gaat gebeuren, en ook wat ik thuis kan doen.
Beslist een aanrader voor couperose, na vorige (1e) al een heel mooi resultaat!
En wat een prachtig pand met een smaakvolle inrichting. Ben er blij mee!”


Geen verkoop praatjes

“Zeer vriendelijk geadviseerd.
Duidelijke taal en geen verkoop praatjes.
Ik kon meteen behandeld worden.”


Na vele jaren dokteren heb ik al het vertrouwen dat dit goed gaat komen

“Wat een ontvangst in een heel mooi pand. Gelijk bij binnenkomst voelt het als een warme deken met betrokken mensen die weten waar ze het over hebben. Er wordt duidelijk uitgelegd wat de verwachtingen zijn. Wat ik als heel fijn ervaren heb is dat er voldoende de tijd genomen wordt om advies te geven. Ik heb er na heel veel jaren dokteren en al heel veel geprobeerd te hebben al het vertrouwen in dat dit goed gaat komen. Dank jullie wel!”


During the first intake we will determine whether your skin is suitable for this treatment and what you can expect as a result. There will be certain conditions which we will discuss with you:
– Your skin can not be tanned from the sun, sunbeds or a tanning lotion. A laser treatment on tanned skin can cause light or dark spots. After the treatment, it is therefore importent to protect the skin against sunlight for 6 weeks with a sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of 20. Preferably several times a day. This helps to prevent discoloration of the skin. This is of course less necessary when there is little sunlight during the day.
– Some medicines make the skin more sensitive to light, which can cause blisters or scarring. Antibiotica, among others, can cause photosensitivity. It is therefore important to report your medication use.

We ask that you do not apply any camouflage creams to the skin area to be treated on the day of the treatment. These creams block laser beams, making the treatment less effective. You will be given glasses to protect your eyes from the laser light. We use a gel to glide easily over the skin and choose the right setting, tailored to your skin type and blood vessels. The treatment can be sensitive, it feels like a warm rubber band hitting the skin like "stings". This is usually well tolerated. you can safely take a painkiller one hour before the treatment, but usually this will not be necessary.

We cool the skin to get the heat out. There will arise some redness and swelling of the treated area. In order to reduce this we recommend to cool the skin multiple times that same day for ten minutes each time. Sometimes, especially in the face, the swelling can stay for a couple of days. Small crusts or flakes may also develop in the days after the treatment that will come off on their own. You should definitely not scratch these crusts or flakes because it can cause scarring and infection. By applying vaseline several times a day, these crusts and flakes will disappear quickly. After the treatment the skin will be vulnerable and therefore needs to be treated carefully. Leave the skin alone as much as possible. You can carefully wash the skin but make sure to gently pat the face dry. Until one week after the treatment, activities that stimulate the skin circulation (sports, sauna, hot tubs, etc.) are not recommended. If the skin is red, lycogel may be used; this medical camouflage with SPF30 is available in our clinic and can sometimes be reimbursed by your health insurer.

The goal of the treatment is to remove the red and blue discoloration of the skin. Approximately 6 weeks after the first treatment you can see the result of the previous treatment and another treatment can follow. The desired result is not always achieved. New blood vessels can always arise, which would also arise if laser treatment had not been carried out. During the first intake we will inform you about the result you can expect.

The number of required treatments depends, among other things, on the size of the condition. The amount of blood vessels that need to be lasered is also important. For the face, we need an average of 1-3 treatments for a couperose treatment. Some abnormalities require more treatments.

The frequency of treatments depends on the healing process of the skin. Usually 6 weeks are used between the treatments so that we can properly assess the result of the previous treatment.

Sometimes a vascular laser treatment of the face can be reimbursed by your health insurer from the supplementary insurance. You can obtain information about this from your own health insurer. Huidkliniek Twente is affiliated with the "Nederlandse Vereniging van Huidtherapeuten" and all of our skin therapists are registered in the "Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici". You will always receive a quote in advance during the intake. Click here for more information about reimbursements.

You will find our prices on this page. These are the prices for one treatment.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!


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